Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It’s Rough...

Having a newborn is a surreal experience. While the minutes seem eternal, the days fly by. Oh. And did I mention how tough it is?

It’s real work yo. My lower back has been killing me. Maybe it’s how I’m holding baby or the ducking with the 15+ daily diaper changes. Regardless, my respects to parents who have more than one child. It’s hella hard.

But then you look into their eyes and you forget the hard. You remind yourself that this tough period will slip between your fingers quite fast. Then you are reminded by all those in your tribe who show their love and support. I’m grateful for the support shown in food and diapers. It’s mandatory and a basic necessity!!!!

Today for example wife went to cemetery to celebrate her dad’s 5 year anniversary of passing. We’re not taking Baby Luna our yet so I was left in charge.

Luckily, Rosalind, a work colleague came to the rescue with pupusas and other goodies for days. It was nice to have adult conversation for once and catch up over exceptional grubbin.

We’re still mourning the whole Kobe and daughter death. You don’t have to be a sports fan to be impacted on so many levels. It just hurts.

Extra sensitive here given that I’m too a #girldad ...sigh.

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