Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fussy Woes

We’re still working at learning to work together. It’s not easy. I definitely think Baby Luna is wayyyyyyy more fuzzy than Lady V ever was. She seems to always be hungry and when all needs are met, she cries some more.

We’ve ruled out colic. So she may just be a cranky baby!

I hope that doesn’t transfer over to her personality or the 3 of us are in trouble.

Hangry comes to mind a lot but she seems to be outright mad be took her out of her comfy and happy womb.

Today she literally cried herself to sleep from being so exhausted crying.

What has helped tons has been the Mamaru, that’s an excellent and very worth piece of rocking genius.

Let’s hope the attitude of this little lady improves. With her bath last night she slept 4 straight hours which was a first mega milestone!

Our neighborhood gifted us a beautiful basket of goodies and just affirms how great of a neighborhood we are in. Very nice caring people!

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