Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dad’s Bday in Heaven

Dad would have turned 88 today.

We celebrated in his honor with Menudo (his favorite) and Pozole (his second favorite).
Emotional day as he wasn’t around to meet and see Valentina grow up.

Mom came over this morning and we hung out.

It’s often said that while you miss loved ones when they die. You never get over that loss, you just learn to cope with that void over time.

Time helps heal, but the hurt will always run deep. And such is life.

Dad would be bragging to anyone who would listen how her granddaughter was “blue blood” and how much of his family name she had. The blue eyes and blonde hair has always been characteristic of the Gallegos. A major point of pride for dad. His heritage was very important to him.

Baby Luna continues not getting it. Cries at all hours regardless of being fully fed, swaddled. Or diapered.

I’m wondering who was worse in this Dept. I think Baby Luna is heating Victoria now. But wife disagrees, V was tough too and quite a crier. In fact, she still is.

In what I see as an attention move, V decided it would be nice to use a dark marker and completely deface her kitchen. She knew it was wrong but did it anyway. What she didn’t do as a toddler she is doing now. I strongly believe it’s a tactic based on the fact that she’s feeling the lack of undivided attention she was used to her whole life.

It will be a long road ahead for her in learning to truly share now. My poor baby has no idea what hit her January 9th.

Regardless, my girls are awesome!

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