Friday, January 17, 2020

Cluster Feeding & Nipple Mania

So as a newborn comes into this world, its instincts kick in for survival. It was too accustomed to being snuggled nicely in the womb with all of its needs met from warmth to nutrition to safety.

Once out it quickly realizes it must fight to survive. One of those survival instincts is the cluster feeding ritual. This happens in the first few weeks of birth when the baby seems to not get enough to eat. It may spend up to 30 minutes on each boob and wreak havoc on the Mommas nipples.

Baby Luna for example for born a biter so she’s made Mom cry many a times. Breastfeeding is no joke. The cluster feeding kicks in when all the baby wants to do is be attached to the nippleS constantly. It’s a pretty big period of growth for the baby. Without obliging, the baby remains in a hangry rage state of mind.

Baby Luna starts bobbing her head like crazy and trying to suck my face! It’s quite a site to see. To save her from future embarrassment when she grows up, I won’t post evidence!

For now, she remains hangry at every waking hour. She is no longer as drowsy as a couple days ago as she seems more alert given her one week and one day life on earth.

She’s gonna be an awesome kid!

Today by the way I hit a wall from all the sleeplessness this past week and was able to nap for about 4 hours during the daytime.

So now to continue getting house equipped with Baby stuff for our convenience and ultimate sanity!


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