Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cabin Fever 🤒

So this is the second week of our Baby’s birth and it’s a little crazy. Between getting used to her schedule and feedings and diaper changes and sleep...well our Big Sister caught a fever and hasn’t been to school all week.

Today I quarantined myself in the nursery with the baby to help Mom our as she cared for V and to try and keep germs to a minimum. We do not want to end up with a sick newborn at this stage.

Our lockdown in her room allowed for plenty of gababababa and bonding time. It was special despite the cabin fever.

Mommy still recovering and had a major headache today to boot.

Gave Baby Luna a full bottle of formula midday to satiate her ferocious appetite. Hoping she’s gaining some healthy weight.

She’s still fussy but more alert as seen by our stare downs today.

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