Monday, January 20, 2020

Baby Luna’s First Bath 🛀🏿

So baby had her first official bath at home tonight.

It was a catch up day for sure as we all slept in and out throughout most of the day. Shockingly Victoria did too which she never does. It was mainly due to a fever she had last night.

That earned her the privilege of sleeping in our bed tonight to her joy and excitement.

Under my watch, I ended up giving her a whole bottle of formula midday as I didn’t want to wake Momma from resting. She chowed it down as if we had not fed her for days.

It’s safe to say this little girls loves to eat.

Speaking of, we had some amazing cocido made by my mother in law. Some pan dulce too and ceviche. She brought us the works.

A beautiful personalized gift was shipped from my boss in Chicago. Very special.

Well today I get like I was hit by a semi on the 91. Let’s hope I’m not catching something as that would make things pretty miserable for everyone.

The bath completely knocked out the little one and the older one is soothing heat. Let’s hope it’s a quiet night.

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