Wednesday, January 8, 2020

40w5d: Midwife Brew & Full Moon is still not here. It’s gonna be a full moon this week, Christmas was finally somewhat down today as my little helper helped for 2 minutes then she “got tired” and Cowboy is wondering what all the house commotion is all about. He has no idea another tenant is about to move in and soon terrorize him too.

Neighbors have been dropping by to visit and check up on Mommy. Many others have been in touch with her during this #BabyWatch2020 - so thank you for being that support. It’s felt and so much needed and appreciated knowing we’re not alone.

So it’s natural that everyone you know becomes Dr. Google right?

We’ve had infinite advise from take Castor oil to some pizza place in Studio Ciry that sells a labor-inducing salad to having tons of sex. Apparently semen loosens the cervix tissue. There’s also an interesting “Midwife’s Brew” concoction many swear induces labor.

In any case, Mommy is happy where she is and has been taking acupressure this eeek which really stimulates the baby. Pretty cool stuff!

Sharing the debut of our Baby Gender Reveal party footage. Enjoy and let’s root on Baby G to get the hell out already!

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