Sunday, January 5, 2020

40w2d: Is She Here Yet?

Two days past our baby’s due date and we are still waiting patiently.

Apparently my mother in law had all four of her kids between one to 2 whole weeks after the due date. So it may be a family trend here.

Today Mommy’s Comadre spent three day with her doing girl things and fixing the baby’s closet. So cool of her to come and help.

The boys went to play to give them space. We started at 8am and went all day. Saw the new Star Wars movie and loved it. V enjoyed her sour candies throughout the three hour film and without asking to go to the bathroom so that was a win for me.

The rest of the day was at Winderfest. Boy was that fun.....and expensive. But all worth it.

The evening ended with V crying in bed because she missed Ninos. Had to FaceTime them for them to soothe her in bed.

Momma still feeling strong. Feet not even swollen.

Let’s do this!

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