Thursday, October 24, 2019

Little 🎃 Pumpkin

So our little pumpkin is becoming quite self aware.

He or She is developing some wicked skills even though still in the womb. The brain is now starting to send signals for the little body to do things. Even grilling things like the umbilical cord. But not as strong as to cut its food and oxygen supply of course.

This baby is gonna love music. Mom plays it all the time, so that I love. And now soon to be big sister is also singing to her Aladdin’s “It’s a whole new world” song. I’m so sick of it that I think it’s crept into my dreams. Someone, please advise, how do you get a 5 year old to move on to another obsession!

For now, we’re relishing to moments together and the change in grown up attitude from our girl. She’s already acting and caring for all things big sisters worry about.

I can toast and say cheers to that.