Saturday, September 21, 2019

15 More Weeks To Go!

Crazy busy day today.

It started with Siblings Class at the hospital.

What in the world is that you may think? Well, it’s actually pretty cool. Our hospital offers tons of classes to prep for the new baby. They are so considerate that they even offer classes for siblings to get ready for the arrivals of the new baby brother or sister. So Victoria this morning had to take her favorite doll because part of the class was showing them how to carry, change diaper, swaddle, even how to not pick up child. My favorite part was when the nurse was showing the kids the belly button and how it would fall off in 10 days. But, a girl in the class was just obsessed with the penis and scrotum of the kid model. See parents, one must teach kids these things and not keep them in a bubble. They are bound to find out in uncomfortable situations.

They even toured the kids through the maternity ward to get them familiar with the space and had them work the bed and all the bells and whistles.

Very cool class. Evening wound down taking V to get her Halloween 👻 outfit. Beware, once they turn 5, all you are is the driver. You can no longer choose costumes for them. I was sad.

Wife is really feeling the bump now. The penguin side to side waddle is now turning into a full balancing of the titanic in buoyance avoidance movement to sinking. No joke.

So thanks to consumerism all around us, Halloween officially opened for business mid-week and its in full blown mode now...

So 25 weeks into the pregnancy and 15 more to go!