Monday, September 16, 2019

RIP Fred

So today we found a bunny rabbit in our yard. V named him Fred.

He was injured somehow and was there waiting for us to help him. So I called around and drove him to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Huntington Beach. Awesome place. They tried helping him but sadly died. Probably poisoned.

Had to break news to V when she got back from school that Fred died.

Went to doc for baby checkup. All is good, heart is beating strong. More tests for Mom.

Doc talked to us about considering banking the baby’s umbilical cord. Apparently science has advanced a ton in last 25 years. This is for potential future use should our baby have a condition or decease that could be helped by stem cells. Including cancer. It would also be of use to Victoria too. So we’re strongly considering it. It’s quite expensive. But it’s piece of mind for their well-being and futures.