Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tooth Fairies, Stretch Marks, & Reindeer

Wife has been sharing to others’ disgust that she never got stretch marks with V nor with this pregnancy. Those are badges of honor in her opinion.

My take is that she has great genes and even better skin. Maybe more hydrated than most but truth be told her doc told her yesterday that 28 year old pregnant mommies have nothing on her.

She’s taking good care of herself and been focused on her yoga which has tons of benefits.

Speaking of pulling and stretching, V got a certificate for once again staying in the Cavity Free Zone Club. Whatever it takes! She got a clean bill of dental hygiene. But like her dad, freaked out a couple times while in the chair cuz the water nozzle in her mouth was too cold. 💪❤️ Like Father like daughter! We have zero tolerance for pain. Zero. And oh by the way, the middle lower front tooth is about to fall in the next couple weeks! 😳 🦷😳

But her performance today for her Kinder Christmas show was on point. One of her songs was about a reindeer so she wanted antlers and a Christmas green outfit. She is showcasing so much artistic and creative talent. So proud of my little reindeer!

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