Monday, December 16, 2019

To Doula or Not to Doula

Turns out my leadership team today threw a surprise baby shower for me at the office. Totally caught off guard and quite special.

As my wife puts her final touches with her delivery. She’s opted to bring a Doula into the team.

What is that? Well I didn’t know either. She is a specialized professional in helping guide a Mom through labor. Similar to my role as coach but more skilled and trained.

Since wife has opted for a natural birth over a c-section and with zero pain meds, a Doula may well be what the Doctor ordered per say.

It also gives me peace of mind that she will feel a total support network through this pending amazing  experience. All in all, we are preparing as best we can and a Doula is a welcomed addition to our Birth Team.

For now, Mommy continues practicing and teaching V yoga in the evenings after homework is done and is enjoying it a lot. Heaven help me...

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