Monday, December 30, 2019

#BabyWatch2020 - The Calm Before The Storm

So as it goes, the nesting for the bride is in full effect, things are quiet (before the pending storm of course) but she continues cracking with whip with V and I on getting the best just perfect.

Very interesting behavior that hormones do to the body and psyche of the human being. I will spare y’all the details but just know that Little Lady V and I have been like Cinderellas around the house. No corner has been spared of a rag not wiping, a Clorox dap not scrubbed, or a piece of laundry not fluffed and put in place.

We’re exhausted. Yes we are.

But all in all for a good cause of course.

Momma went to her biweekly fetal monitoring now and all is in zen inside the kingdom as you can see in the video below:

It’s a beautiful thing to hear the heartbeat of your child. Especially when it’s beating inside the one you love. Kinda surreal in all honesty.

But despite it all, life goes on. V’s baths must take place, her hair has to get done, and in the middle of it all. Momma needs to slow her roll and take some much needed rests.

#BabyWatch2020 #thepregnanthusband 

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