Monday, December 9, 2019

Putting Up Christmas 🎄

Wanted to share the clip of V’s flamenco performance yesterday!

Click here —>

So V has been looking forward to “putting up Christmas” for a while.

Given my hectic travel and work commitments we are still a bit behind and doing my best to catch up! Well, the best thing I was able to do was to take this off to help bring things back on schedule, and that includes my baby’s anxiousness for putting up Christmas.

In guess it’s sheer torture for a kid to see a bare Christmas tree in the living room for almost a week! And of course Eli ( Elf in the Shelf) whom I so much regret bringing/allowing into our house had to do her annual debut after Thanksgiving and well, I couldn’t remember where I hid we had to go buy another one (sorry V when you read this in your older years).

So we were able to have her “appear” in her grand debut stuck in our bare Christmas tree in time for her to help me put the ornaments up. She was sooooo surprised and jumped in awe and joy. Ahhhh the innocence of childhood. I love it.

Great ending to a busy day that started with recruiting another very special person to our parenthood journey. We spent some quality time with Laura getting to know us and our vision. We are so excited as she will bring the crowning achievement to this crazy emotional and whirlwind ride we’ve signed on to. But, more on that later of course...

For now, I’ll continue hating on Eli as I literally have run out of ideas on how to make that darn elf appear every morning for V to be in awe of. I continue to regret how great idea it would be to start that tradition. Now it’s an expectation I can’t back out from so I’ll make the best of it!

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  1. Enjoy it.. I'm in a while different season but I def miss my girls being V's age.. In a blind they grow up!