Thursday, December 5, 2019

Practicing Love Language

One important thing I’ve been able to refresh and re learn during these birthing classes is the importance of the art of the love language.

Sounds weird but ever so true.

As a birthing coach, one must be the primary cheerleader for our laboring Mommy. A key part of the success is being able to listen. Sounds simple and intuitive but it’s not so easily done. How many times in our lives do we not take the simple task of just listening. It’s easier to be loaders with a response rather than silence our mind and really listen to what is being said.

Pretty powerful and key example of a love language. Yeah it’s deep yet so impactful. It’s no wonder that it’s often said we all need someone’s ear to just hear us out. It’s most certainly a great way to seek to understand and empathize regardless of the situation.

Today was an especially long and productive day. Also provided much stress on the home front. I somehow caught a cold from either Mommy or the critter so we all now have sniffles. Had a long day of meetings at the Maya Hotel in the Long Beach harbor. But all was endorsed and approved so we’ve got a solid 2020 Marketing Plan that I’m very proud of the collaboration that went into it.

V had yet another meltdown at home. On the heels of yesterday’s first ever report card and teaching moment. But that’s for another day!

For now, I focus on wrapping the year that was and prep to help Mommy with the final nesting touches as the big day gets closer and closer...

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