Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Playing Ketchup

I really don’t know if it’s a function of the stage we are in life or if it’s really something we’ve brought on to ourselves. But today’s reflection was how we never seem to be ahead on things these days.

There are so many things to get done and so many things not addressed that we feel we are just playing catch up to catch our breath.

Such busy and harried lives that it’s no wonder we live in one of the most technologically connected and advanced times yet so disconnected to each other.

While technology has been such an incredible enabler to life’s conveniences, it has also brought us apart in so many other ways. Relationships are not what they used to be or what they used to mean.

While I’m not looking to shield my girls from that reality, I strive to teach them to be self aware of the good and the not so good benefits of such comforts.

We live nowadays in the most connected disconnected society that dismissed human connection over connectivity driven by the immediate satisfaction of the now.

As with all things in life, we create our futures by the decisions we choose to make today. Here’s to me having the wisdom and humbleness to realize and teach those differences.

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