Sunday, December 8, 2019

Olé Olé Olé

So baby girl must have been doing summersaults in the womb! Victoria has her Flamenco 💃🏻 holiday recital today and she killed it.

It was so much fun seeing her anticipation for today’s performance. Weeks of preparation paid off as the performing troop showcased their talent today. And showcase they did.

Victoria absolutely loves to sing and dance. It’s her element.

She also thrives in perfecting her moves and taking them very seriously. She’s also a manipulator in training too. She asked if I would give her a surprise if she would make me proud. What Dad is not gonna melt as such thing!

All in all the Grandma’s, friends and family were there to support our young dancer, thank you! It means much to us but more to her!

Now let’s work at dancing the baby out into the real world soon!

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  1. Feliz me siento y le doy gracias a Dios de tanta bendiciones mi Reynita hermosa que Dios la cuide y le siga dando tanto talento y también contando los días para tener en los brazos a mi otra princesita Dios los proteja mijo y Alicia y los colme de bendiciones y que todo siga bien