Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It’s Christmas Eve!

Victoria has had a busy holiday week. As smart parents we shipped her off the Winter Camp. Great way for her to socialize outside of her classroom and meet new kids and learn new stuff. Who Are we  kidding? We shipped her off because who in the world would want a 5-year-old terrorizing the house 27/7 during her Christmas vacation? Definitely not us.

She’s been anticipating tonight for many weeks as Eli her elf appeared and has been keeping a watchful eye on her and going back to the north pole and giving Santa her behavior report. She eagerly has woken up before her time to anxiously see where Eli appears next. Too bad tonight he is gone for good as Christmas is here and Eli’s  job is done. Good riddance.

Spent the evening at Moms and was able to open a present. It was LOL’s mega glittery set with like one million pieces and accessories with only 2 or three LOL dolls. She went bananas. She loved grandma’s closet for doll clothes and a doll loft which is like her real bed. Apparently she had requested that a couple months back of her and she remembered.

Absolutely incredible evening seeing the magic of Christmas through her eyes. She danced, sang, jumped in sheer joy, cooked with her uncle, and finally settled in quite content having taken her fill of Christmas Eve and giving us a beautiful experience reminding us of the specialness of the season.

Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️🎄

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