Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Have You Found Your Purpose?

Today was another successful day in assembling, interviewing, and recruiting our Birthing A-team. And a class act team of professionals they are.

Today we met with Team Doulas! Karen and Shelly are two dynamic doulas who will be a critical pet of our support system as we prepare for our little princess.

At this stage, I know too much about this whole pregnancy and birthing process. And frankly, the more I know the more it freaks me out. I will never see a woman’s reproductive system the same ever again. It’s totally short of miraculous. But these Doulas have given us a lifeline to what will be quite an experience for us. God-willing everything will be uneventful. We are prepared and ready as we will ever be.

While all this is moving at warp speed, I still take the time to stop and look around to take this surreality in. I can’t help but reflect on the existentiality of it all. How can you not.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be a Dad to a girl, let alone two. It weighs on you. There’s no way around it. The ginormous responsibility to raise them with the foundational values and principles that should serve as a compass in their lives.

It was best put into words by a beautiful reflection shared by my beloved Angelica. Take a read. Pretty powerful:

“Mommy, when is it your turn to talk?”

In a community strategic meeting, a fellow committee member brought her 5-year-old daughter in to sit with her. Her daughter listened intently to the spirited conversation. The meeting continued, and the mother absorbed and listened. The little girl sat up and said to her mother, “When is it your turn to talk?”
My soul was pinched in this moment. How would we act differently, more relentlessly, if we knew that our actions were being watched by our daughters? By our sons? What might we say more of? How might we make ourselves bigger and never smaller to fit? What might we explore our purpose if we knew they were sitting in on each conversation, depending on us to step up and step in.
It’s not about finding motivation to lead.
It’s about finding your purpose.
It’s about leading for what is greater than yourself.

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