Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Graduate! #laboroflovebirthservices

So tonight wife and I are proud graduates of our first official Birthing class!

Gotta confess, I kicked and screamed at first as I was not on board with taking this class. First of all, who has time? I travel significantly for work and with our family’s hectic schedule, who has time for that. Besides, this is not our first rodeo. What a waste of time!

Well, how wrong was I! Totally and completely. Wife went to her first class alone since I was away on travel. But she was so inspired and motivated that she insisted I join. So I did.

My only regret was why didn’t we do this during Victoria’s birth! Staci Berrey is the owner of Labor of Love Birth & Postpartum. She has all sorts of services for your birthing journey and we can’t recommend her enough. Look her up and tell her we sent you!

Her expertise and patience and overall knowledge was refreshing. We didn’t know we needed this as a key part of our birthing journey.

In fact, we’re interviewing two of her Doulas tomorrow morning as that is another support we’ve decided to invest in. It will give us peace of mind and a tremendous resource who will guide, coach, and support our journey. ESPECIALLY when baby girl decides she wants out. Yikes!

It gives me a tremendous peace of mind knowing she will be there through it all. In fact, Staci’s company is also taking care of encapsulating Alicias’s placenta.

Yep, wife will be eating her placenta like any other good mammal does on this planet. Only difference  hers will be in nice pretty dehydrated capsule form.

In any case, this course we took gave us the tools, confidence and lay of the land of what we will expect. It prepared us to have the right mindset going into what could be a terrifying experience. I’ve shared before that wife thought she would die giving birth to Victoria. It remains the most frightening day of her life. Of course it was, we had no idea what to expect. We went into it blind.

We know better now. We have a Birth Plan. I now know how to help set up and prep a #sitzbath for the wife (look it up! It’s like mouthwash for the vagina). Yeah sounds crazy but oh so good for the acceleration of the healing process.

We now also have a Postpartum Plan too. It’s all about 5, 5, 5! And I also know of Dr. Harvey Karp who is just pretty on point on this whole what a baby needs thing. Not because he’s a bad ass at my USC alma mater but because his revolutionary book the Happiest Baby will reacquaint me with the critical 5 S’s of how to best care for our little one once she breaks the water and comes out to play.

All in all, I could keep going. But for now, all I can say is thank you Staci! You’ve bestowed on us something we could have never read in any book, or given to ourselves.

That is the empowerment of owning this miraculous privilege of being parents to a little human.

Our attitude and mindset are tuned with your insights into what will for sure be a life-changing experience for not just us but everyone whom has chosen to be a part of our tribe. A village that has been our constant fuel of support in this incredible journey as the Pregnant Husband and a tolerant wife who puts up with my insanity.

We are no typically couple having a kid here (in case that hasn’t been clear yet). We’ve gone through a crazy 13-year infertility journey of a rollercoaster ride that typically breaks a relationship apart. We’ve been lucky in love, stuck to each other through thick and thin. Highs and lows. And as a result, are now parents to a child we feel so undeserving of and now with another blessing en route to boot.

Our tribe has been there for us. It’s their love that kept us going and nudged us when we most needed the push. But one thing can be said, being a Dad has been and will be the most important thing I will ever do on this earth.

Oh and by the way, Mommy, V and I finally assembled baby’s crib tonight! #girlsrock #dadofgirls

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