Thursday, December 26, 2019

Exhausted, Disappointed & 1st Dilation Check

The little one is not here and we are exhausted.

How do people who have raised a pack do it? My total respect. We’re with one and still feel we need to catch up on things and never feel caught up.

We need to be stricter with V as she believes we are both the help.

Tonight while bathing her, she says, Papi, I want you to tel the kitchen workers to build me a splash pad in the backyard because summer is coming!”

Unreal. She still remembers the crew that remodeled our kitchen which were here for 5 months.

Helping wife while she preps to bring our little one is no laughing matter. It’s really hard work. It’s exhausting actually.

So while I know we can do better in planning, it’s not for the faint of heart. My respects to single moms and dads out there. You are truly unsung heros!

Had the first dilation check at the doctors today. Baby not coming yet. It’s nicely tucked away and sealed so far. Things are pretty shut. But that doesn’t mean labor can’t creep up tomorrow. Tonight’s appointment was not a good one on a couple front.

First, it was painful. Even though only two fingers were used for the “check.” Second, it hit us that the doctor she’s been seeing may actually not be the one delivering. That was disappointing. It will only happens if delivery happens during business hours or if the doctor happens to be on the “on call” schedule when the delivery happens. We get that’s why these doctors have a group of them that rotate  delivery responsibility but it’s still unsettling that you’ll likely end up with a random doctor that you haven’t established the trust and rapport we did with the primary and picked doctor. That happened to us with our first and all indications point to it happening again. The only way to guarantee your preferred doctor for delivery is to schedule a c-section and that we have opted out of if at all possible.

For now. We’re shooting for a Three King’s day delivery. So our mantras and affirmations are for that the little girl wait around till then!

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