Saturday, December 7, 2019

Domestic Abuse, Expenses, Caught

Today was a not so joyous day.

With the gloomy cold rainy day and my cold well things took turn for the worse.

V was looking forward to going to two parties and was called in to do a practice for her big recital tomorrow.

I settled into catching up on admin work stuff I had not had time to do, several months of expense reports that pretty much took me 14 hours to complete. You have no idea the sheer hell that is to do. The only thing I do not like about my day job. Ughhhhhh......

Not to be outdone this Pregnant Husband suffered from a case of domestic abuse this morning to boot. Yep. No other than by daughter decided to kick me not once but twice today.

After a serious tough love scolding, Mommy was not happy as she ended up with a crying artist en route to recital practice. But really? Domestic violence aggressor at 5?

Daddy is gonna have to up his discipline game tenfold, ok, maybe a little. But boundaries need to be instilled in parenting early on. For those no parents, it’s not always jokes and giggles let me tell you. This shit is real. And it’s a lot of work! Did I say it’s a hella hard job? The hardest in my life to be honest.

I do have to say I was tested today. If I woulda been my mom or dad I woulda had a chanclazo (footwear object of any kind) thrown at my head with laser precision; or had a good spanking with a belt - in that order!

But I opted to be civil and talk to her with a firm voice on her wrongdoings. And how I would call the cops the next time and press charges...kidding!

As I dizzily took a break from expense report hell I wandered into to kitchen to scour for leftovers, but I clearly startled the subject who wasn’t expecting me to walk in on her to this selfish and unshared feast...

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