Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Birthing Classes

So now that we’re down to the wire, we’ve committed to taking a couple birthing classes to be best prepared for the big day.

I’m so glad we’ve enrolled in them as they are so helpful in educating us about the importance of our mindset, attitude, and outlook that happens during the actual birth.

It can most definitely be a scary time, hell, my wife said she felt she was going to die when V was born. That it was the scariest day of her life.

But it doesn’t have to be. When you know better. You do better.

It has been refreshing to walk step by step on what awaits us. And best yet, how to confront it. It’s most definitely all about our outlook. If we’re scared or freaked out, that’s what the experience will be. I firmly believe that our attitude and mindset is the blueprint to how we will experience anything. That goes for childbirth and for any other situation.

The most important learning for me has been how my role in this whole experience is critical as a coach. I’ve been learning the tools on how to be the best support coach I can be during this whole experience. Not like a coach with a whistle yelling push push push you can do it, but more like a cheerleading coach providing mental, physical, and emotional support.

We’re a team! And if there is ever a time to step up and demonstrate that, it’s now!

So there you have it. This Pregnant Husband is embracing to coach role and taking it to heart.

...Now if I can just find the Love Languages book to seal the deal...

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