Sunday, December 15, 2019

Baby Car Seat & Organ Shout Out

So as the day nears, it’s all about tying loose ends.

Baby Watch is officially in high gear.

Had some painters over the weekend putting final touches on the nursery. I installed the infant car seat in Alicia’s car. And have started planning my backpack for the ride to the hospital. Of course Mommy is already packed and also has V’s suitcase ready.

The crazy thing is that we had to also buy a cryopak ( see cooler looking thing in pic below). That puppy will be housing wife’s most critical organ. The Placenta! Isn’t the miracle of life just wildly unreal. A woman actually grows an organ that will be the cocoon and life source of the new baby. Cray cray!

Well, tons of studies and beliefs speak to the healing powers of this organ. I’ve written about this in past posts but still can’t get over this. We are the only mammal species that does not EAT the placenta raw upon it being expelled from the uterus after baby is born. Every single mammal on this planet eats it as soon as baby comes out. Which is probably why hemorrhages among them is almost unheard of and quite known amongst humans. The hormones and all good stuff in the organ contains tons of stuff that helps normalize the body of the Mom who just gave birth. From acting as an anti-depressant to inducing milk production to nutrients and vitamins.

So humans now are catching on to this. While humans still consider eating the placenta like their mammal species brethren quite barbaric, they’ve taken a liking to this right of passage through other means. Their are now services that will pick up your placenta from the hospital, dehydrate it, and make it into pill form. At that point, the Mom will actually take the capsules with the placenta inside. Yikes! I kid you not this is non-fiction.

For now, I’m grateful to this organ for housing, nourishing, and protecting our baby for these last 37 weeks. While it’s been a collaborative effort, without the strength and grind of this beautiful organ, life just wouldn’t be possible. Let’s hear it for placentas the world over! ❤️💪❤️

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