Friday, December 27, 2019

39 Weeks Pregnant!

So SEVEN more days left for baby to arrive. Well, at least according to the estimated due date. Strong emphasis on estimated! Rarely do kids arrive on this medical guess. But it’s a pretty good barometer of what’s to come.

Baby is in medical lingo, full term. Officially. This means all body parts, organs, and systems are fully grown to the point of survival outside of the womb. A baby can still come 2 full weeks after it’s 40 week term. So it’s all really up to the baby and Momma’s body to start putting things into motion.

According to Happiest Baby, this is what Momma should be preparing for right now:

39 Weeks: Pregnancy To-Do List

  • Practice relaxation: No matter how you slice it—epidural or natural, C-section or vaginal—labor is stressful. Breathing techniques, meditation, hypnobirthing or yoga are great “stay calm” tools.
  • Fill up your gas tank...literally: You won’t want to stop for gas while you are in full-on contractions. So, always keep enough fuel in your car to get you to the hospital/birth center and back.
  • Visit the drugstore: Stock up on supplies to care for yourself after delivery, like overnight pads (no tampons or menstrual cups), numbing spray, a peri bottle, and a stool softener.
  • Pick up treats for your nurses: Nurses have tough jobs—giving so much to women in labor and new moms—your gratitude is really appreciated. A small treat, like cookies or chocolates is a sweet thank you.
  • Review your birth plan: Make sure to go over it one more time with your midwife or doctor and to print it (in triplicate) to share with all the members of the team you will work with in the hospital.

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