Monday, December 23, 2019

38w3d: Baby 7lbs 13 oz

Big day today!

Wife was officially released by her high risk OBGYN doctor.

The baby was examined, weighed, measured, and monitored. The coveted all clear was given and that was a great pre-Christmas present to us.

Amazingly, the baby weighs 7lbs 13 oz right now. It is projected that the baby will weigh 8.5lbs at birth.

The diameter of the head is expected to be 10cm by birth.

Things are looking good and everything within our power is working towards ensuring baby is growing healthy and Momma is relaxed and taking in the mantras of Hypno birthing.

Being calm, relaxed and in the best positive state of mind is key right now.

It’s been a cold, rainy day today. V started winter camp today and loved it. With two doctor appts today Momma is nonstop.

Still playing catch-up though. It’s Xmas eve tomorrow and we still haven’t taken the traditional family Santa pic. At least Xmas cards were mailed today. Hey, the cards say happy New Year’s on them so they are not late!!!

The post office was a madhouse.

Now to continue wrapping presents. Santa has been busy!

Here’s a pic with the awesome doc who has been caring for Mommy all these months.

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