Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Heartbeat πŸ’— of My Life

While in a business meeting in Phoenix today, I found out about another high school tragedy today in Santa Clarita, Two young teens lost their life to a senseless shooter.

Just makes you reflect the pain these events cause to the affected families and the internal turmoil the kid who caused it must have been living with.

This just the day after another killing of a guy with a sword at a Esteban High School in ELA. Just so sad.

My heart goes out to the grieving families. A type of mourning I’m all too familiar with unfortunately and don’t wish upon anyone.

Speaking of heart, our baby girl’s heart is beating strong. Quite special hearing it and knowing she is our daughter.

Mommy continues in the full throws of the 3rd and final trimester. This morning she shared that she felt the baby go further down in the uterus shifting her center of balance. Probably another step towards the baby getting ready for showtime.

Here we share her heartbeat!

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