Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Princess Ariel

So Victoria is in a princess outfit phase lately.

She’s currently obsessed and wears it a the time. Even to school if she could. And is constantly asking to go see her at Disneyland.

Luckily we live very close and can oblige as often as her busy social life permits.

Baby must have not been happy with today’s Mouse visit as she was very active at the end. Maybe it’s a sign telling mommy to slow down a bit too!

V did share today how happy she was that she would be a big sister. I think our gender reveal was the perfect thing to do as she has internalized it and taken it to heart. Very special.

My fierce princess also wanted to pilot the Falcon in Star Wars land and did an outstanding job saving us as we fought throughout the galaxy. We even had time to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy which is a scary drop ride but was brave and rode for the first time thanks to a little motivation from her friend Sawyer!

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