Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Little Kitchen Helper

Busy busy busy day today...

Wrapped things up as much as can be on the work front, then fast and furious ferocious prep time for Thanksgiving tomorrow night.

We are hosting again this year which means tons of prep. And little Ms V was poised and ready to lend a helping hand.

While her little sister sensed much activity, she moved about he cabin, I mean, womb in full delight. Must have been the incredible smells Momma had going on in the kitchen.

It was the first day of rain in a long time and first time turning on the heater. Something about a rainy cold day about the smells in the kitchen. Heavenly.

Evening ended with Mommy doing some of her weird yoga poses in the family room and doing a lot of strange breathing noises. Yoga. Really? I don’t get it.

House is looking and smelling a lot like Christmas already. We just have to call to have our selected Christmas tree delivered. But it’s gotta be after we eat the bird. It’s the law of nature.

I’m getting very antsy about not having secured a videographer for the birth of Baby G. Message me if any of you have used an outstanding one before. The amazing company we hired for V moved out of state. Ugh. And time is a ticking!

Here’s to my beautiful little helped. Chef V making pumpkin pies from the million pumpkins left over from Halloween!

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