Monday, November 11, 2019

Life’s A Beach

We’re lucky in that we live so close to the beach yet still feel we don’t take advantage of it enough.

This evening we went to Laguna Beach which happens to be one of my favorites. It’s beautiful and love the town feel of it by Main Beach.

Took the baby to hear some real ocean sounds vs the ocean sounds from Alexa.

You know technology is ruling the world when your own daughter references nature sounds to what Alexa plays.....lord take the wheel!

All in all things moving along nicely. Wife realizing she needs to slow her roll which is good. And since I’m the Pregnant Husband, I’m experiencing serious nesting symptoms. I never and rarely through anything away. Well, I’ve found myself purging random things well beyond midnight these days. The trash bins have gone out quite full. No joke, what’s wrong with me!

I also have to admit I’ve been indulging in more than my usual fair share of tacos. No wonder V says that while Mommy has a baby I have a lot of tacos in my belly.

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