Sunday, November 10, 2019

I Have A Crush

So little Ms V at only 5 decides to share with us that she has a crush. 😳😳😳

At first, I was like no honey you can’t drink soda, remember your teeth will fall out.

“No Pápi!!!!” She exclaims. “I have a crush on a boy!”

As speechless and floored as I was, I realized I wasn’t prepared for this. It’s a joke. She’s 5!

Is this what technology is doing to these kids? I thought it would be the opposite, that it would be a distraction. But no her crush was on an actual boy. What? WHAT? W h a t ? ? ?

Well the lucky boy is a kid she loves from Kinder. Sawyer I’ve gotta say is awesome and really like him. I’ve had the chance to hang with him in many occasions and as usual with us boys, he has no idea for sure. We tend to be oblivious to these things. But I now find myself on this other side and I’ve gotta say that it feel weird and awkward. After all, V is being trained and conditioned that she can’t have a relationship or sex till she’s 40! Dad’s orders. Ok, I’ll have to keep digesting this bomb.....

Speaking of bombs. Mommy feels like a bomb has hit her. The 32 weeks are weighing on her and feels every pregnancy symptom in the book. She swears she is growing every 20 minutes. But she still looks fantastic.

Today we started talking about having a suitcase ready for when deliver day comes. We are very far behind. Baby room is far from being ready, who knows where all the crib parts are and I still have to book a videographer. Yes, pics and vids are very important to me. But you know that already.

I still have to schedule a flu shot as it’s mandatory as the Pregnant Husband and might as well schedule a physical.

I’m craving some tacos so gonna heat up my to go stash from this morning. Gotta keep up with wife’s growing belly of course!

By the way, I settled for tacos this morning since El Camino Real in Fullerton was out of Menudo again! They do about 400lbs of Menudo Friday and Saturday and it runs out in 3 hours! Highly recommend their food. It’s a place that Kobe Bryant and his wife actually consider their favorite Mexican food dive and they live in Newport Beach. But get their early with your empty pot to take some menudo home!

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