Monday, November 25, 2019

Circle of Life

My day started quite hectic. Had a business meeting across town to Burbank that took me almost 3 hours.

Then the terribly sad news that a colleague had passed away. Had known her for six years and she had just started a new job and was over the moon with the opportunity.

Rita’s daughter Asia just turned 13 last Friday and by Monday, lost her Mom.

Losing a parent is certainly a rite of passage we all must endure in our lifetime. Losing a spouse is unimaginable let alone a child.

It’s never a good time to leave. But when you’re at a time in your life full of goals, dreams, and aspirations, it just begs for the not fair card to be thrown.

Lovely lady with an infectious smile. I sincerely hope her husband Michael and only daughter Asia learn to live without her. But how can you really? You never really accept, you just learn to deal with that forever void.

Godspeed Rita! Thank you for so many hallway conversations. Your caring of me as a person. For always asking how my daughter was doing, how my wife was, it was special to be acknowledged for who we are and not for what we do.

Her sage advise is mine to keep. May we meet again in the upstairs hallway!

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