Friday, November 8, 2019

32 Weeks Pregnant: Meet Our Girl

Well, we went in to peek inside of our little girl and see how she was doing in 3D. It was pretty cool.

At this stage, the pregnancy starts getting pretty gory. As in uncomfortable. The bathroom breaks begin to occur more frequently. Words like leakage are thrown around. And mobility is definitely more limited given the duck 🦆 waddle is in full effect.

The baby continues filling in and growing its wave length connections.

Without delay, here’s a sneak peek into our baby girl!


  1. Bendito Sea Dios que carita tan hermosa esperando su llegada que llegue sanita primero Dios

  2. Shes BEAUTIFUL!!! Only 8 more weeks until you meet this little angel face to face! ❤ so excited for you all!