Sunday, October 27, 2019

What’s Inside A French Fry? 🍟

Victoria has been expressing more and more an intense curiosity to how things work. Her latest today was asking what was inside a French fry and how potatoes are born.

I took to YouTube to beat visually explain to her. She thought for another second and asked if fries were good for you. How does a 5 year old know to ask such insightful questions?

When that wasn’t enough so asked I teach her some magic tricks. She was so happy to showcase Mommy her first trick. Which was suspending a straw with your hands when it’s actually stuck on with double stick tape to your finger. Pretty brilliant!

We continue feeling  baby move a lot in the evenings. I can now visualize HER (wow I can write out gender now that we know!) position since the doctor said she was in place for birth now. Which means what I’m feeling move are likely her elbows or heels or back pressing up against Mommy’s belly.

Cleanup from reveal party continues...

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