Monday, October 28, 2019

Were You In Bridesmaids?

Jeannine and Denise ask Mommy at today’s Doc appt.

She looks puzzled and I’m sure thought, “I didn’t know Julia Roberts was in that movie!” Minutes later she pulls of Maya’s pic and shows her. “Hmmm, I thought Sandra Bullocks, wife replies!” Wow.

Doc appt was great today. Baby growing at great pace, actually ahead of cooking schedule.

Our Baby Girl weighed 3 lbs. 12 ozs. Which was also a healthy weight.

We did get the stillbirth talk. It’s high alert now that we’re 30 weeks. Which is why it’s important Mommy start counting kicks. 10 kicks in 10 minutes is the rule of thumb.

The placenta sometimes decides to stop working as it should and stops providing nutrition and oxygen to the baby which is when the baby just dies. Yikes!

There is nothing one can do, it’s just Mother Nature. Oh boy.

For now, we continue taking this journey with as much caution and appreciation. One day at a time!

Here are Denise and Jeannine. Lovely team at Dr. K’s who are taking excellent care of Mommy!

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