Sunday, October 13, 2019

V’s Intro to Golf

Sunday Funday was all about brunch at the golf course and a little putting.

V was introduced to golfing by Xavi and she loved it. Clearly needs work on her form and technique but handled it like a champ.

She taught me all about how to build a hideout to not be found. The coolest thing is that my brothers and I used to do tents in our bedroom to camp our and hide. Same concept here. Only difference is that V took the baby’s crib mattress as her ceiling in between couches and closed off both entrances with the cushions. Love the creativity of kids.

After bath time rituals and book reading, it was time for bed.

Bet baby is happy as a clam as Mommy has been in zen during her Girls Trip to Ojai. We’re hoping she enjoyed her deserved time but we need her back! Stat. This single parent business is no joke. Even though V keeps reminding me she is babysitting me. When I prompt why, she quickly quips that because she is the one telling me what to do, unbelievable!

Are there any courses on how to do girl’s hair? Asking for a friend!

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