Thursday, October 3, 2019

Talking to Baby

So returned from Albuquerque to wife talking to baby. Apparently that’s what you should do.
My tantrummy daughter rushed passed me as apparently something set her off so I paid the price.

Great practice for those teen years I suppose.

I also saw the play by play unfold as a kid we rideshare to Kinder refused to get into wife’s car. Mommy had to get involved over phone and after a couple threats to the tune of taking away the iPad, the world returned to zen.

The wild thing is that the baby is now opening its eyes and also completely in tune to the sounds and voices around Mommy. It’s no wonder that upon birth, baby recognizes immediately those familiar voices.

Big day for V today as she had her Kinder photos. She looked absolutely beautiful. I just hope she didn’t do a silly pose as she’s used to doing.

Tomorrow is Donuts with Dad at school so I’m looking forward to that event! The first for Kinder.

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