Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pumpkin 🎃 Carving

Today we finally did some serious pumpkin carving.

I chose a calavera, which was harder to carve than I thought given all the detail. V carved a castle, and wife with her preggers brain carved a circle. A round hole. Yes on the side of the pumpkin. No further explanation necessary.

V was so happy that she looked forward to it but soon enough lost interest.

Tomorrow is her big day. She lovesssssssssd Halloween.

Looks like we’re not getting the golf carts to go up and down the hills trick or treating. So I’m lobbying to drive in the car rather than walk!

The wildfires continue pretty bad with the high winds. Pretty ugly. But hopefully things will settle down. There has been too much tragedy already.

Baby G is still kicking per the kicking app so things are good. At 3 lbs 12 ounces, the growth is a little ahead of schedule but good.

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