Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kettle Bell & Hiccups

Mommy to be is sure feeling like she’s carrying around a kettle bell these days.

She looks radiant actually. And pregnancy suits her well if I may say so. Today was the end of V’s Kinder Ditch Day. She hung out poolside and even did kid yoga at the Ritz in Laguna Beach.

The girls gonna play when their man is grinding it out.

The coolest thing was running into Marc Anthony at the hotel. He’s in town for the Latin American Music Awards at the Dolby Theater.

The invite for the reveal party is finally ordered.

Felt baby moving a lot during dinner tonight. Had the best server ever. Cristina is a sommelier and was on point with all her wine recommendations. Most definitely recommend a white wine from Spain called Albariño!

Baby now has a lot of hiccups, just like when Victoria was cooking in the oven. Felt them during dinner for sure!

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