Sunday, October 6, 2019

Independence Declared At 5

It dawned on me today that our daughter now has a say in what and how she wears her clothes. I saw several wardrobe changes this weekend. One minute an Elsa Tutu and a jumpsuit the next. She will sit there and debate why some shoes are better than the ones we highly suggest.

This little lady has a sense of style all of her own. I’ve also realized she likes to accessorize...a lot.

You know what else I’ve noticed? That she uses big words. Like “actually” and “in fact” which is weird hearing it from a five year old.

I just wish she spoke perfect Spanish. That’s where I’ve failed for being lazy and not reinforcing the language. That was one thing I would say I’d be so proud in doing. Irks me to no end.

She also likes to put on her Mom’s clothes, shoes, makeup, anything that belongs to her. I blinked today and asked myself how she has gotten so non-toddlerish. Those years are already a blur in my memory and it saddens me. Time definitely accelerates when raising these critters.

My weekend highlight was having dinner with my girls and my Mom, Roberto, and brother. We had not done that in a very very long time and it filled my soul. Families no longer make time to break bread with each other anymore. I remember growing up with my parents instilling how important that is. We get so caught up with the business of life that we forget to spend quality time with those that were in our path molding us to what we became. When we grow the awareness, it’s usually already too late. I’m aware and don’t want the too late factor in my psyche.

At a recent conference, we saw some award willing advertising from a brand that won several accolades at Cannes. The insight was quite simple. They had an app that calculated how much time you had left in days with your loved ones. It became an instant viral success. Why? Because it made them reflect not how much time was left, but most importantly, how much time you had not spent with the ones you love and care for.

The various close deaths in my life has made me a little too much in tune with that insight. Which is why I do my best to gift the most precious priceless present you ever can to those you love, your time.

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