Tuesday, October 1, 2019

El Chavo Del Ocho

Something really cool happened with V on Sunday.

I introduced her to a childhood show I grew up watching.

El Chavo!

We actually saw the entire episode in Spanish. Maybe that will be my entry into having her learn more.

She has quite the short attention span so I was shocked that it grabbed her attention.

I landed in Albuquerque today and had a great dinner with the team. Green Chile was of course mandatory!

Wife also shared that our first baby present arrived. So cool but so surreal. Whoa!!!!!!!

It came from abroad too. So thank you!!!!!!!!  Totally sweet as it also included a matching present for V as a way to make her feel included in the arrival of this bun in the oven!

I will share pic once I get permission to do so.

Well big day in the am..... phase 2 here we come!

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