Monday, October 21, 2019

Doc K Checkup

So moved my business travel to make wife’s 1st 3rd Trimester checkup with Dr K.

After a fun-filled evening last night raising money for our favorite charity, it was up early to see how the bun in the oven was doing.

Thankfully, all tests came back great. No deficiencies in metrics or iron or any of the other million things they check for.

Sadly, we tried doing a 3D imaging ultrasound of baby and wasn’t cooperative as it was facing down. Boo!!!

Our OBGYN is awesome. She’s caring and actually spends time getting to know you. I appreciate being treated like a person who’s going through an extraordinary life-changing experience in life.

It’s a big big big deal people. I still wonder how we are all even alive. The miracle of life is most definitely that, a miracle. I think we all get so busy in our lives that we forget how special it is to even be alive.

A book at the airport today peeked by interest on this topic and have been reading it nonstop. It’s titled The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson. It’s an amazing book that talks about all the details of our human body in a nontechnical manner which makes it fascinating. This book will place the weight of why it’s even a miracle we’re alive with scientific data and research that blows your mind.

Our body’s ability to function, and heal itself is simplify probably the biggest works of art ever. Did you know that our bodies are a universe of 37.2 trillion cells operating in perfect concert all the time. No one single cell is the boss. They all communicate with each other and work in concert to make your body do what it needs to keep you alive! In fact, it takes 7 billion billion billion (or 7 octillion) atoms to make us.


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