Saturday, October 12, 2019

Daddy Can You Tell Me How Jesus Was Born?


Where did she get THAT from? Then I remembered how impressionable kids her age are and figured this summer’s Bible Camp must have risen to her memory banks.

What is a Dad to do without Mommy around? Well, you go to Youtube. I found a cool “ bible stories for kids” that showed how Jesus was born. Then all sorts of questions started when she saw the Virgin Mary pregnant and how the archangel Gabriel told her she would be pregnant. Well, it went downhill quick. Heck, I had tons of questions too! I took advantage of her short attention span and told her all of our relatives who were now with Jesus hanging out and taking care of us. She bought it so I moved on to offering breakfast!

Mommy is on her Girls Trip in Ojai for four days enjoying me time and hanging out with her girls. How cool is that! I hope she uses that time to re energize and be in zen as she left on Girls Trip yesterday, ironically the same day as the start of her 3rd Trimester. As if things weren’t fast already, things will accelerate quickly after this period. Mostly also topped by the social stuff that comes with sharing your bundle of love with those you love.

In preparation for all of this takes tons of work. As such, my brother had been amazing in coming out very frequently and helping me out prep the house for the baby to come. The Party of 4 Family is no joke. It’s tons of work. And so much organization and orchestration that needs to be put into place.

I decided to make today family day with V’s two grandmothers. They both immediately accepted the invite. I grilled for them. The boys cleaned up while the girls hung out inside and V danced for them for hours on end. Still belting “A Whole New World” from her little lungs sending our two dogs to hiding as if the smoke alarm was in full force. These memories to me are priceless.

I have been doing V’s nighttime rituals and this time she threw me a left curve. One of those rituals is always giving me the sign of the cross and a kiss as the last ritual before being tucked in. She proceeded to do the sign of the cross into the air above her. When I asked what she was doing. She calmly and peacefully replied: Papi! You said Mami was far away on top of a mountain with her friends, well this is the sign of the cross for her too because she is there and I’m here and I have two more sleeps before I see her.

My heart smiled.

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