Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Blink of An 👁

So I’ve been thinking. A lot.

It is that our lives are so much more hectic these days or is it that yesteryear was just easier and more laid back? I ask because life as we know it is going at warp speed.

For those of you that are a part of our tribe know the roller coaster 🎢 we lived in our parenthood journey. As I reflect on our current situation, I can’t help but think that it was just five minutes ago that we were a go go go in V officially becoming or engaged route to being a Big Sister. Something she’s been asking us since she started talking and making sense of her jibberish.

And just like that, V will be just that in a very very short time. God-willing, in about or less than 10 weeks. Unreal.

I honestly remember the dark days when I would cry myself to sleep when I lived in Baldwin Park after so many unanswered prayers. You look up to the sky asking so many questions and raising so much doubt that you lose sight of what Father Jim has always told me. “Get your ass off the driver’s seat, and let God take over!”

Yes I agree, I have a hard time letting go. That’s been a recurring issue in my life I believe triggered by the time my brother was killed in a car accident on his 15th birthday. I also like to be in control. I guess that comes with the territory of us Leo’s and Pigs, and ENFP’s.

But such sage advice is something I try to remind myself of from time to time as I have selective memory. It’s pretty miraculous what happens when you do listen to it. I’m living proof of it in so many ways.

That’s why I’m thankful. I’m grateful. And I count my blessings every day of my life. That’s another reason why I do what I do. Why I do this blog. It’s good for me, great for my soul, and it’s a healing agent to my core.

So in a way, you’re contributing to my own development and therapy. So THANK YOU!

I know my story is not unique. My journey is like many others whom have traveled this road of being  dads. But it’s my story. And one I embrace with all the beauty, hardship, pain, and joy it has brought to our existence. The old cliche of best things come to those who wait it being documented in this journal entry. I’m but one example of such old adage.

All I can say is that I live thanking the heavens for this journey I’m on. And most importantly for those who have been, are, continue to be, or will be a part of my tribe. I appreciate you.

Today I returned from my Chicago business trip a day early. But before doing so, I was stopped by a dear colleague with a gift bag as I walked into my meeting. It was a feature of appreciation and congratulations for our pending second child. At that point I was reminded of my tribe, my village. It’s strong. And one that I think many of us take for granted as we live our lives. Thank you for the beautiful gift. It was most certainly a reminder of the beautiful circle I find myself in. I continue to count my lucky stars and blessings all in one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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