Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A 3lbs Baby & Heartbeat 💗

So our little one is weighing 3 lbs. now..... whoa!!!!!

While the kicks are still going. The space in there is getting tighter by the day. There’s not a whole lotta room in there. But the baby still needs to put on a lot do weight. The lungs are still developing. In fact, the baby is now working out it’s diaphragm to learn to breathe when it gives up amniotic fluid for actual air.

Mommy is feeling the weight now and will moreso now too as the weight gain over the next 10 weeks will accelerate considerably. Bathroom issues should be present but Mommy has been I’m sure too shy to share them. It’s all good and a pet of three right of passage. Own it baby!

Speaking of, the baby heart check gave this pregnant husband much needed peace of mind. The heartbeat was vibrant and strong at 147 beats per minute. Since the baby senses all now, it was cool seeing how it would avoid the heart doppler monitor. The also measures some metric that gave doc idea of where the hardness of the placenta ended. I didn’t dare touch it. I’m good thanks for the explanation!

I totally have the guilt trip as mommy is home holding down the fort and I’m on another business trip in a Chicago. Cheers to the most awesome Superwoman in my life!!!

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