Sunday, September 1, 2019

What’s Inside My Body?

So V is getting quite inquisitive.

Today she asked me what was inside of her body. Followed by where does luggage
go inside airplanes. Love how the wheels are turning in her little brain.

Her negotiation skills are also on overdrive. She made a pinky promise deal with me today that if she didn’t have any tantrums in our trip this week that she would get a sleep over with a friend. Wowsers, my little negotiator may be ready for law school.

She also almost killed Siete today as we dropped the furry ones at Moms. She stopped on the floor playing and one of the stomps had poor little Siete’s head as the victim. I really thought his brain was gonna be squirting from his ears. But the resilient fighter lived to be traumatized to keep running further away from our little monster.

V rode a mechanical bull today and slid down the water slide all day with her friend Sawyer from Kindergarten. She was beat at the end, but is giddy and looking forward to the week ahead.

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