Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wanna Feel?

The absolute best two words these days.

Usually baby sleeps either all the raucous activity Mommy is in throughout the day. At night when she rests is when baby is like what’s going on? And starts moving. It’s during these times that I get to place my palm on baby bump and wait for the ever so subtle feeing that a little human being is on the other side. What a weird, surreal, yet vibrant feeling.

I wonder in awe how we are all even alive. It’s really just a sheer miracle. Making our life here so special and mystical. There is no doubt that existentialism abounds during such moment.

A part of V’s bedtime ritual is Mommy always debriefing on the days events as a way to use it as foundational form of expression, communication, and reflection. Always finding nuggets of teachable moments. Well, tonight’s was extra special for the Pregnant Husband! When asked what was her favorite thing today. She quickly said it was spending time with me. I went up against some heavy competition mind you. A birthday party, her favorite development class, a bubble bath, putting on her Halloween costume, and so many other things she does every day. Not only did I not get honorable mention, but I for the main prize. That is priceless to me.

Why? If you don’t know yet. When God was handing out the “daddy’s little girl” memos, he made a glaring omission slipping Victoria. I exist in her world as only Mommy is allowed in her orbit. I get to visit from time to time but she mostly always reminds me Mommy is “boss.” Such is life.

Today was a great day!

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