Thursday, September 26, 2019

United Way

You believe in coincidences?

Or in the notion that people come into your life for a reason?

In my business travel week in chicago this week, a peculiar thing happened. I’m at the bar of the legendary Palmer Hotel (oldest operating hotel in the world) admiring its beautiful while waiting for my team.

I hear my name from a familiar voice from a very yesteryear part of my life. 25 years ago to be exact. It was no other than Rick. We had a great working relationship during our time at United Way. Yep, I worked in the nonprofit world after being in the public sector and before jumping ship to corporate America and joining the ranks of the corporate world.

It was a nice catch up on family and our career adventures. It had been six years since we had met up while I lived in Dallas. The best convo was when we talked of our newest stage in life. How hard it is that we are becoming our parents’ parents. It was a treat to hear about his two daughters and what awaits me when V reaches that stage. I’m bracing myself. I did FaceTime with her today and she was so happy to see me that she didn’t want to hang up. She sent me a pic of a beautiful picture she drew of fireworks.

Coincidences or not, there’s definitely a thread of connectivity there. Of the millions of possibilities and odds, we find ourselves converging under the same roof, same city, and same situation. Makes you wonder. But regardless, I welcome those special encounters as a universal treat. There’s something to be said about having real and meaningful conversations. Even moreso, when you have such a long trajectory and time lapse, yet be able to pick up as if it was just yesterday.

Cheers Rick! Here’s to our next pow wow where you call me a pendejo and I am imbecil.

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