Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Best is Here

How many times have we heard, the best is yet to come?

I refuse to accept such phrase for lack of anticipation and to merely settle for something better around the bend.

I firmly believe the best is here. I reflect on the days and routines as a Dad. I see our bowling outing today. It just can’t get better than this.

Such experiences humble me, and they also remind me how what I so much wished for is what I am actually living now. What I do with it is completely on me.

There are also frustrating days for sure. Life is not always seen through the rosy lens. Sometimes we don’t feel understood, valued or simply connected. What to do then?

Well, we all have different coping mechanisms when feeling hurt. I mostly withdraw. That’s my defense mechanism. Introspection is good, but connection is critical, healthy, and paramount.

My thinking has recently been challenged by my five year old. It’s refreshing but startling at times. How can a kid be so wise? They have observation and intuition as a very fine-tuned antenna. I just love having conversations with V. Their wit, innocence and wit is admirable.

Today when she was having a FaceTime session with her Ninos, she decided to put them on the swing by her front tree. She strapped the safety harness on the phone. She proceeded to swing the phone while carrying on a full conversation. A first for sure.

V at 5 now has a memory. An impeccable one at that. She connects dots to past events. To past experiences. We are now making memories with her that she will actually remember.

A cool experience today was walking my wife’s alma mater. Special to know those memories will be a part of our daughter’s life.

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